TIPS on visiting the Fortress at Klis

Are you planning to visit the Fortress of Klis? As we all know researching can be time consuming and frustrating. Well you are in luck I have done all the work for you. Here is a free list of helpful tips for visiting the Fortress of Klis.


Tip One

Be sure you make the time to visit the Fortress of Klis. The village Klis is only 12km from Split. This medieval fortress offers you killer views of Split and its surrounding islands in the distance.


Tip Two 

Visit the Fortress in the winter time if possible. Plan your visit at sunset and watch the day turn to night. Use the sunset as your backdrop. Capture the moment and get the best photos and selfies.

Tip Three 

Visiting the fortress is a family friendly activity however children in prams can be a bit tricky, the grounds are rocky and the walk is up hill. I have been recently with my family and my husband had to carry my daughter who is two years old the whole time. Therefore my tip is to leave your pram at the entrance and prepare to get a work out. If you’re travelling with infants I suggest you bring something to carry your infant in for example a portable carrier.


Tip Four 

Avoid the heat and visit the fortress in the morning or late afternoon. The entrance fee to the fortress is 40kn for adults and 20kn for children up to the ages of 6 years and is open from 9am to 7pm every day.


Final Tip 

My final tip is to combine the Fortress of Klis with lunch or dinner at the famous restaurant Perlica they are renowned for their lamb and pekas.


Besides the amazing view you get to explore the fortress freely. Usually castles around the world are roped off and many sections are closed. You also get to see its museum and view a display of pictures from the scenes of the Game of Thrones that were filmed at the fortress itself.

For those of you who did not know this Fortress was used as a filming location in season 4 of the famous series. If you are interested in doing a walking tour then see Games of Thrones Tour Split for more information.


Also surprisingly this fortress is not so touristy meaning you don’t have to wait in long lines to enter the castle and there are usually no big crowds which is also refreshing when travelling. If you need transport to the fortress then visit Transfers for more information.

What are you waiting for? Go and explore the Fortress of Klis!





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