Three Island Tour

In this blog I will reveal why I think our Three Island Tour is a perfect outing for the whole family!

Speaking from experience it is so disheartening when you travel with children and there are limited things to do with them on your holiday. Just as well here at Avere Tourism we offer tours that accommodate to all members of your family. Our Three Island Tour is the perfect day out for families, I have recently been on this tour with my family and I highly recommend it.

You get to see three Islands in one day!

While you are in Split take advantage of all the islands that are only a boat trip away. Croatia is fortunate enough to over a thousands, so many hidden spots, bays, beaches, towns and culture to discover. The advantage of this tour is you get to see three islands in a one day excursion. You will visit the island of Šolta and stop at Nečujam Bay and explore the remains of a sunken ship, visit Drvenik island and swim in the famous Blue Lagoon and finally sightsee at Maslinica on the Island of Šolta.

The tour is great value for money!

This tour costs 50 euros per person, when you compare the tour to other boat excursions it is very reasonable. You get to cruise on a big boat the whole day, visit three islands and plus it includes all you can drink on the boat, lunch at a restaurant on a island and refreshments. The lunch is a choice of fish or chicken and includes cabbage salad and bread. The drinks that are included area water, juice and wine. The menu is simple and very tasty, my family liked the food including the children.

The tour itself!

The vessel itself is big and secure recently I went with my whole family including my three-year-old and we all felt very safe, I did not worry about the boat rocking from the waves as I have on smaller boats. Another advantage of this boat is that it is big enough to take all our gear including a pram that we need for the day, if you have children then you know you need to take allot of bags, extra clothes, drinks and snacks. The tour is an all-day outing from 09:3o to 17:00, the departure is from Split Riva. As you leave the Riva you will enjoy the view of the famous promenade and the ancient city while you sip on your welcome drink.


Heading towards Nečujam Bay

First stop Nečujam Bay, a peaceful spot located in the Šolta region here the boat anchors and you get to explore. The bay is well known for its sunken ship, here you have the opportunity to jump off the boat and swim over to the sunken ship exploring its remains. Don’t worry about packing snorkelling equipment it is all provided for you. My sons and hubby particularly enjoyed this very much it was like a little adventure to them, snorkeling around the sunken ship.



Next stop Drvenik Island the famous Blue Lagoon

The tour continues to Drvenik Island and the famous Blue Lagoon. It is all true what they say about this spot the blue lagoon! Prior to the tour I saw heaps of pictures online of this Blue Lagoon and I can honestly say that it looks just like it! The water here is absolutely stunning with its piercing blue colour and it has crystal clear water. Another advantage of our Three Island Tour is that our boat is allowed to port at the pier allowing you to get off the boat without jumping into the water and swimming over to the beach and restaurant like other boats have too.

Once you get off the boat all you have to do is relax and swim, you also have the option to rent a day bed, get a coffee or ice-cream at the restaurant (not included in the price). I must mention that the prices at this restaurant are steep I guess it is because it is the only one at this beach so pack some extra snacks for the kids to tie them over before lunch.


After some free time lunch is served, a choice between fish or chicken with salad and bread. I thought the food was very tasty we certainly enjoyed it.

The final stop

After a short cruise you will arrive at Maslinica on Šolta. Here you have time to sightsee this picturesque village and have time to stop for a drink and ice cream at the local coffee shops. We decided to firstly walk over to the Marina and the Marchi Castle. We admired all the luxury yachts and the stunning Marchi Castle, here is a good chance to take some lovely photos and buy some souvenirs from the locals. Then finally a well-deserved drink and ice cream for the kids (by the way here you can find some normal prices).

Finally, the cruise back to Split

The home stretch took about one hour and a half, the crew serve fresh chilled watermelon and its exactly what you need by the end of the day. This is a good time to take in view, enjoy the summer breeze and relax. If you were quick enough on the boat there is a top deck with    sunbeds to chill and work on your sun tan however its first in best dressed!



My suggestion is that you pack extra snacks for the kids, bring money for coffee, ice cream and souvenirs, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, hat and a long sleeve or perhaps a light weight jumper because it can get breezy on the boat. To book this tour visit


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