Rent a Scooter and explore Split and Podstrana!

Rent a Scooter and begin your two wheel adventure!

In this blog you will find out everything you need to know about renting a scooter in Split, Croatia.

So why choose a scooter?

Firstly a scooter is a fantastic way to explore the local area you can easily discover Podstrana, Stobreč an Split. Secondly driving a scooter is pretty simple however we do recommend that you don’t rent a scooter if you have not driven one before, some experience is necessary. Thirdly scooters give you a sense of freedom and you can easily zip around and finally think about how much easier it is to find a park for a scooter then it is for a car! If you ask me the fact that its easier to find a park just sold me!

People often ask us do you need a licence and the answer is yes, the law in Croatia is that you need to hold a valid licence. In addition all laws apply as they do for a car.

The scooter is 50ccm which means it only drives up to 50km per hour, hence the reason we recommend you don’t drive on the highway and rather take the coast line route which is much more scenic anyway.

Our scooters can seat two smaller people (it is not recommend for the total weight be more then 150kg per scooter) on the one scooter however two people will slow you down even more so we recommend renting two for your comfort.  We also have bigger scooters that drive faster up to 120km per hour these bigger scooters comfortably seat two people.

The price of the 50cc scooter is 250kn per day for 1 to 3 days, 220kn for 4 to 6 days 200kn per day and 200kn per day for 7 days or more. The bigger scooters 125ccm are 350kn per day.

When you rent a scooter from Avere Tourism you will receive two helmets, rental contract and insurance. For you information we do need to take a 2000kn deposit for each scooter rental in case of any damages, please note that you are responsible for the scooter while you rent one. This deposit can be paid in cash or we can do a pre authorization on your credit card. We will return the deposit providing you return the scooter in the same condition as you received it. You will receive the scooter with a full tank of fuel and you will need to return the scooter with a full tank of fuel as well. We will explain were the nearest gas station is.

The scooters are available at two locations firstly at our office in Podstrana we are located right next door to the tourist board of Podstrana, the address is Jurasova 2, Podstrana 21312. Our second location is at Camp Stobreč, in the summer months we offer scooter and bicycle rentals at the camp, we are right next to the reception office, the address is Put Svetog Lovre 6 Split 21311.

In summary there are many advantages when renting a scooter they are easy to drive and park, you can literally zip around and discover the local area and they are affordable! To begin your two wheel adventure RENT a SCOOTER today, contact our team on +385912111010 email or come and visit us at our office in Podstrana or Camp Stobreč.




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