My favourite family friendly tour that I highly recommend!

In this blog I will reveal my personal favourite family friendly tour that I genuinely love and highly recommend!

It is only natural that myself and the staff at Avere Tourism have experienced all the tours that we offer. I mean how can we recommend you a tour, trip or activity if we have not tried it out ourselves, right? Experiencing for ourselves is one of the perks of working in a travel agency, generally we do not have the time in the high season however we get a chance before the busy period begins and towards the end of the season.

Last year in early September I took my two kids ages 11 and 7 and hubby on our River Cetina Rafting Tour! Yep this my favourite family friendly tour! For those of you who don’t know much about rafting let me fill you in. Rafting means that you are literally in a rubber boat rafting your way down a river… Ok I am exaggerating, the boat is a professional boat designed for rafting and yes its made of rubber type material, you are fully equipped with a life vest and helmet. The professional guide has tons of experience and fills you in on all the safety instructions making you feel confident for the actual rafting and yes he or she is with you the whole time.

Here is a picture of us all nice and dry before our adventure even began!


Our rafting tour is done at the river Cetina in Omiš, our tour includes a pick up from our office or near by locations and transport back to the pick up destination. Our tour is a unique combination of adrenaline and pure nature. You get to enjoy amazing scenery and cool exciting rapids. The tour is a half day activity we did ours in the morning and then afterwards enjoyed a nice lunch on the way home.


Apparently the actual river on a scale of 1 to 6 is a 2 meaning that its rapids are not so extreme and dangerous. Which for myself as a first timer and taking young children with me suited me just fine. When we first sat in the raft and began rafting it was a matter of getting use to paddling. We all had a paddle and had to paddle our way down the river, requiring a team effort. The kids enjoyed the challenge and we eventually got into the same motion. Simply paddling and enjoying the scenery was great, the kids loved the wildlife they saw on the way and so did I. We saw all sorts of fish, birds and bugs on our adventure, the kids pretended they were in a jungle! I guess after living in the city they do not get this type of experience often.

We were also give the opportunity to swim, the guide stops near the shore and you get out and explore for a bit and if you want go for a quick swim.


Now the fun parts rapids! At first I was worried but after a few of them I was like give me more. As you approach the rapid the guide tell us what to do for example keep left or right if you don’t listen you can end up in the river. We did not end up in the River however we did get wet actually drenched!

The highlight of the raft is somewhere in the middle of the tour were there is special rapid the section were we all have to paddle in one direction then when guide yells “bomba” which means we put our paddles in the raft and then all get in a squat down postiton while the guide stirs the raft through the rapid. This part is the most dangerous lets say, but is the best part, the highlight for sure! Oh and this is when we all got soaking wet. I must say I was worried that my seven year old boy would get scared but loved it. I don’t have a picture from this moment as we had to put our mobile phones and cameras in a sealed container away from any water damage.

To my surprise  the excitement continued as we stopped in front of some rock cliffs where the brave had the option to climb the cliff and jump into the river. Of course my boys wanted to do this so I had too, at first I was scared of the height of the cliff and climb half way back down. I eventually got the courage to bravely jump into the chilly Cetina River as I reached the surface I quickly swam back to the raft. Here is a photo of other people and myself bravely jumping off the cliffs.


Towards the end there is a section where the rapids are a bit challenging and require professional skills. This is the part where the guide drops you off on land and you walk about 600m to the water where you get back into the raft. This walk is easy and also very enjoyable as you get to hike in nature and dry off a bit.


As we approached the end of the tour my kids and myself we were sad that it was the end. Two hours of actual rafting flew by, I can genuinely say that not only my children but myself and other adults on the same tour loved the experience. I highly recommend this tour and I will do it again with my family for sure. Tourists that come to Dalmatia generally want to enjoy the beaches and islands and all the swimming and tanning that goes with it however I highly recommend to switch it up with some adventure activities and will recommend our Rafting Tour. As mentioned it is an activity appropriate for  the whole family and is affordable to book this tour visit



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