What to look forward to on your holiday to Croatia post Coronavirus crisis!

In this blog you will learn about the wonderful things that await you in Croatia. I know that at the moment times are tough with the coronavirus crisis impact worldwide, however considering the viruses fast pace I am hoping that this means that there will be a speedy recovery and people will be able to return to their lives pre coronavirus. At the moment contemplating your next holiday may seem to be unrealistic I know, but keep in mind that there is always “sunshine after the storm”. Being a lover of travel and Croatia I have decided to lighten the mood and remind you all what awaits you in this beautiful country of ours Croatia.

Discover Adriatic gems and island hop as much as you want too!

Islands, islands and even more islands. In Croatia we are fortunate enough to have many islands to enjoy and explore thus giving you the opportunity to island hop as much as you desire! Some of these islands are uninhabited and the inhabited ones are filled with rich history and culture giving you the chance to explore the islands own personal characteristics and charm. In a nutshell here are some popular inhabited islands that are on every travellers “to do list”.

Hvar the swankiest of them all attracting yacht owners, celebrities and the most popular amongst the tourists.


Brač has the highest mountain peak of any Adriatic island, a popular island being so close to Split and is less crowded when compared to the island of Hvar. It is also known for its olive cultivation and its signature natural white stone “brački kamen”.

Vis being the furthest from the mainland is renowned for its untouched nature and tranquillity. In history Vis served as an Army base for many years and most recently was the chosen film set for the movie sequel Mamma Mia.

Korčula stands out with its dense black forest, people also call it little Dubrovnik because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and homes to the locals.


Mjet the greenest island of them all with an array of beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, clear and clean sea and a gently sandy shore line a true oasis.

Pag is made up of two main towns Pag and Novalja and several small villages. This island and imparticular Zrce beach is renowned for being the party destination and is very popular.

If you are interested in visiting these Adriatic gems contact our team on +385 91 211 1010 or

Dalmatia makes quite the splash!

Dalmatia offers you cool adventurous activities that get your adrenalin going like rafting, canoeing and kayaking tours. One of my personal favourite tours that I highly recommend is rafting the Cetina river in Omiš. No experience is needed plus you get to explore pure nature and experience the exciting rapids. To book this cool tour visit

Mother nature outdid herself once again!

There is no denying that Mother Nature went above and beyond when creating Croatia and more specifically its national parks. There are eight major national parks in Croatia, and there are two that stand out and are very popular with the tourists, Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park. Both of these national parks offer you that chance to become one with nature, you will discover the parks wildlife and simply take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you as you explore. Depending on your location and the amount of time you have on your holiday in Croatia will determine which park you visit, my recommendation is to visit both of these popular national parks as they wont disappoint you. See for more information and to book.

Croatia’s world class food and wine!

What better way is there to learn about a culture than through its food and of course its wine. The gastronomy of Croatia is unique in the world of cuisine as its essential ingredient in discovering the culture of the region. Surprisingly each region in Croatia has its own unique culinary personality. Our agency is located in Podstrana central Dalmatia meaning that we know and love Dalmatian cuisine. In general Dalmatian cuisine is a made up of Mediterranean flavours with an emphasis on seafood, veal, lamb, prosciutto, cheese, wine, garlic and the main ingredient is of course olive oil. You will often find these mediterrranean ingredients in Dalmatia’s signature “Peka”. Peka is a style of cooking under the bell and is offered in “Konobas” which is a Dalmatian style of restaurant. Also in the homes of the locals you can find these “Pekas”.

To conclude my advice!

In this blog I have only briefly skimmed over a fraction of what this amazing country Croatia has to offer you. My aim was to inspire you to visit this beautiful country this summer or at least in the near future. I’m blessed and fortunate enough to live in Croatia. I highly recommend you come and see for yourself. My advice at the moment in relation to the coronavirus crisis is to stay home and stay safe. We can do this!


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