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Here at Avere Tourism we take pride in announcing that we aspire to the highest level and overall utmost standard of customer satisfaction. Our mission is to make your stay in Croatia as pleasant as possible and hassle free. Whether you are planning your holiday to Croatia from your home country or have arrived to Croatia we can offer you an easy and enjoyable service, an experience that will save your valuable time and one that you will be satisfied with. 

They say “you can’t buy time" but we say you can!

The professional team at Avere Tourism have gone one step further to assist their valuable guests. In addition to our travel and tourism services, we offer a Concierge Service free of charge to all our guests. Together our knowledgeable team have over a decade’s experience in the luxury five-star hotel industry in addition we all live locally thus giving us immeasurable knowledge and personal experience of the city of Split and all the services available in the area. We can confidently say that you are in “good hands” with the team at Avere Tourism. 


You’re on holiday! That holiday you have been patiently waiting for so we recommend that you save your precious time for all the relaxation and enjoyment that you planned and of course deserve. Turn your holiday mode on and leave all the organizing and planning to the professionals the team at Avere Tourism.

We are available and can assist you in many ways. Let us give you some ideas for example, let us reserve the perfect restaurant, research and book accommodation, arrange spa treatments, organize a flower delivery service, perhaps you need a photography service or entertainment suggestions and the list goes on. If we are not able to assist you by the rare chance, we will at least guide you in the right direction and connect you will the right people to complete and execute your request.

Please do not hesitate to Contact the Team anytime we are available as they say 24/7 and we look forward and await your request, finally we wish you a pleasant stay in Croatia and safe travels on your journey!

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