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In this blog I will reveal why I think our Three Island Tour is a perfect outing for the whole family. Speaking from experience it is so disheartening when you travel and there are limited things to do with your children on your holiday. Just as well here at Avere Tourism we offer tours that […]

In this blog I will reveal my personal favourite family friendly tour that I genuinely love and highly recommend. It is only natural that myself and the staff at Avere Tourism have experienced all the tours that we offer. I mean how can we recommend you a tour, trip or activity if we have not […]

In this blog you will learn about the wonderful things that await you in Croatia. I know that at the moment times are tough with the coronavirus crisis impact worldwide, however considering the viruses fast pace I am hoping that this means that there will be a speedy recovery and people will be able to […]

Planning your holiday to Croatia Are you planning to spend your holidays in Croatia this year? When in Rome, do as the Romans do, the old proverb goes… why not take the plunge and try speaking a few words of Croatian on your holiday in Croatia. In this article you will learn some basic words, […]

We are glad to announce that the team at Avere Tourism can assist you in a number of languages. We are fluent in German and English and obviously in Croatian. So if you are planning a holiday to Croatia and would like some information on accommodation, rentals, tours and excursions feel free to contact our […]

In this article you will find out our recommendation on what to do on a rainy day in Split. Guests often ask us what to do on a rainy day? Our most popular, answer is “Go shopping”! Anyway, what is a holiday without a little bit of shopping, right? Keep dry and hit a shopping […]

In this article you will find out what currency does Croatia use and what is the best currency to bring to Croatia. Popular questions we get asked allot are “What currency does Croatia use?” “Can I use euros in Croatia?” and “What currency is best to bring?” We have done all the research for you! […]

Are you planning to visit the Fortress of Klis? As we all know researching can be time consuming and frustrating. Well you are in luck I have done all the work for you. Here is a free list of helpful tips for visiting the Fortress of Klis.   Tip One Be sure you make the […]

Looks like more and more Hollywood film producers are choosing Croatia as a filming destination. Well how can they NOT the country has allot to offer please note I’m not just saying this because I’m Croatian however because it is the truth. The country may be small in terms of its area and population however […]

I have done all the research for you, I have put together a list of five dishes that you must try while visiting Dalmatia. Let’s talk food and wine! The best part of travelling right? A question we get asked allot from our guests is what are some traditional dishes of Dalmatia and what restaurants […]